The Show

From the stage of “America’s Got Talent” right into your school gymnasium, book Matt Wilhelm for your next school assembly. One of the most popular school assembly programs in the country, Matt will perform amazing BMX bike stunts while speaking about bullying, perseverance, bike safety, and character.

Awesome Tricks

Known as the fastest spinner in the world on a BMX bike, Matt Wilhelm will be sure to entertain. His amazing BMX bike tricks have earned 3 X-Games Medals, 2 National Championships, and a host of other awards. Most recently you may have seen Matt on “America’s Got Talent” where he rode his bike all the way to the Semi-Finals in Hollywood.

Powerful Messages

Let Matt share his personal stories of character with your kids. Growing up Matt was called “Ears” and was the target of bullies. His powerful and thought-provoking bullying program is educational, fun, and moving. Matt Wilhelm’s program on perseverance will motivate even the most at-risk students, while his programs on bike safety and character are simply amazing.

Kids Relate to Him

As a leading youth speaker Matt’s stories resonate with kids around the country. He speaks to the audience in a language they understand. Since Matt is perceived as a peer, he is able to clearly communicate messages in a way that kids can identify with. His messages are easy to absorb, and it’s no wonder why Matt Wilhelm has one of the most popular school assembly programs in the country.
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